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Poll: Where is Mike Bellotti in 2011?

With Mike Bellotti heading off to ESPN to sow his oats as a college football analyst, is there a possibility that Mike is taking another "interim" job by going to the worldwide leader? Coach B makes no secret about his love for college football and, as great a gig as an ESPN college football analyst can be, could we be looking at Mike's eventual return to coaching within the next year?

The Pac-10 in 2010 could have some interesting positions open up. Bill Moos has just been installed as athletic director at Washington St. and if Paul Wulff doesn't show improvement, could an opening in Pullman be enough to entice Bellotti to take over in Pullman? Dennis Erickson will be on the hot seat in the desert at Arizona State next year. If the Sun Devils suffer through another tough season, could Mike head down to Tuscon? Even Colorado could be in play depending on how Dan Hawkins does this season.

Of course, Mike Bellotti might have a great gig in being a potential successor to Corso or Holtz. The million dollar question, and the subject of today's poll, is where do you think Mike Bellotti will be 1 year from now?