Nate Costa? Really?

I'm sorry, but I can not figure out why anyone is saying that there will be a QB controversy this year. What on earth would the ducks gain from starting Nate Costa? He has one year left, very limited mobility (thanks to several knee surgeries), and he is not that accurate of a passer. I was at the UCLA game last year and I saw what the Oregon offense looked like with Costa at the helm; no explosion, no electricity, no points. On the other hand, Thomas has three years of eligibility and a whole lot of athleticism. Remember the Boise St. comeback? He accomplished that as a true freshman! How much better will he be now? I think that it is this simple, Nate Costa reminds me of Brady Leaf and Darron Thomas reminds me of Dennis Dixon. Am I alone on this? Can someone please explain to me why Kelly would even consider Costa? They both have had significant game time in one game, Thomas looked great and Costa looked average.

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