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MBB Gameday Open Thread: Washington Huskies at Oregon Ducks

Who: Washington Huskies (19-9, 9-7) at Oregon Ducks (14-14, 6-10 Pac-10)
Time: 7pm PT
Location: Mac Court, Eugene, Oregon
Media: Radio, Live Stats

Huskies are going for their 20th win on the season. We're in the final week of Men's Basketball at Mac Court. I think we would all agree that beating the Fuskies for the last time at Mac Court would feel really nice. Just don't get your hopes up. So as the game is going, and you start to feel a little depressed, just sing this little song...

I Hate Dawgs
Shoot 'Em in the Head
Set 'Em on Fire
Cuz I Hate Washington

Go Ducks!