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Quack Fix: Football Scrimmages; Baseball and Softball Face Top-Ranked Foes.

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Still...nothing. Two sources tell us Oregon is going after Missouri hoops coach Mike Anderson: here and here. Just hours later Joe Giansante is making the rounds, telling everyone that Pat Kilkenny has not spoken with Anderson or made any offer. Anyone want to lay odds on how soon Anderson gets a raise and extension at Mizzou?

Okay, enough of that. Let's get on with the good quack:

  • Last year they were green, raw, inexperienced and largely written off as the weak link. Oregon's offensive line was anything but for most of 2009, and with all five starters returning, we'll be hearing a different tune for the CFB media. Rob Moseley focused on the o-line after yesterday's spring scrimmage, and notes, there's still a little rust to knock off.
  • If you missed them yesterday, Moseley's complete notes on Wednesday's scrimmage. And here is a statistical recap, for what it's worth.
  • ESPN's Ted Miller - fresh off his visit to Eugene - posts an in-depth look at the Oregon program that's moving on after a rough off season. Unlike some of his colleagues, Miller seems able to address the topics of Chip Kelly's team management and what lies ahead without the thinly veiled slights and the long-tired pot shots.
  • Day-old news, but here's Bob Clark's more detailed article about Drew Wiley's decision to transfer from the men's basketball program.
  • After getting the best of Cal last week, the Ducks softball team faces higher stakes with no. 1 Washington coming to town. The Ducks have now risen to no. 17 nationally, and are tied with UW for first in the Pac-10 at 5-1. Chris Hansen of the R-G takes a look at Oregon's propensity for late-game heroics.
  • Yahoo! Sports college baseball blogger is the latest scribe to heap praise on George Horton and the Ducks. The Ducks face a big road challenge this week with three games at top-ranked UCLA.
  • Speaking of the Bruins, with baseball out of town this weekend, it might be a good time to check out the men's track team. The Ducks square off with UCLA for a dual meet at Hayward Field, starting at 11:45 a.m. on Saturday.
So there's your quack for the day. Use it wisely. Better yet, take a moment to thank dvieira for all the weekend quack he's been passing out recently. Nice work, Dom.