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Quack Fix: Mike Anderson Says No, Baseball Goes for a Sweep, and Football Player Citations

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I got some emails about the Spring Game coming up. Keep them coming. I'm getting a list of interested parties together and will be sending out more information throughout the week. By the looks of things, we're going to have a great ATQ crowd there. For those asking about Spring Game tickets... there were no tickets last year. You showed up, paid your parking fee and they let you in. I haven't heard anything different this year but I've got an email into the Ticket Office asking about it. On to the quack for today

  • Missouri Tigers head basketball coach Mike Anderson listened to the Oregon offer but decided to coach his Tigers next season.
  • As far as where the Ducks go from here? Speculation centers around hiring a former NBA coach (Terry Porter, PJ Carlesimo) or Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Mark Gottfried. ESPN also cites a split in opinions among the search committee with Pat Kilkenny wanting a solid coach who may not be a big name and Nike wanting a splash hire to open the new arena. Memo to Nike brass: If you want to win, Kilkenny has an EXCELLENT track record at hiring head coaches for programs at the UO.
  • George Schroeder lends some interesting thoughts to the new arena and the search for a new basketball coach.
  • Oregon Stunts and Gymnastics took third place in the NCA National Championships this weekend. Maryland and Louisville, both traditional powers in the sport, took the gold and silver respectively. 
  • Thanks in a large part to Ashton Eaton, the track team won a dual-meet victory over the UCLA Bruins at Hayward Field.
  • Speaking of beating up on the gold and blue, the Oregon baseball team goes into Sunday with the possibility of a sweep of the #1 team in all the land after an 8-4 victory over the Bruins yesterday.
  • This was linked in the Quack Fix yesterday but well worth repeating today. I'm not surprised that this isn't getting much play given the nature of the incident but could you image if this came up at this point for Oregon? The media would be a festering hive of criticism pus.

That's it for the quack today. Enjoy the NBA and NHL playoffs and Go Ducks!