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Quack Fix: QB competition tightens up and the baseball team is ranked

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Lots of good stuff to get to this morning, but don't forget to check out Matt Daddy's "Lil Gorby Scholarship Fund" post.  And, with that, let's get straight to the quack.

  • The Ducks had another spring practice yesterday, which means lots of practice recaps today.  First, Chris Courtney of eDuck writes that "[Darron] Thomas was once again the more consistent passer today -- continuing an impressive week-long stretch of practices that has effectively knotted up the race for the starting position."  Rob Moseley, on the other hand, says that Nate Costa was "more consistent" though he notes that both are now showing to be better passers than Jeremiah Masoli.  Meanwhile, Chip Kelly calls the QB competition a "work in progress." 
  • In football news, Nick Daschel has a blog entry that looks at Kenny Rowe who is working hard this spring to make himself into a more balanced player.  Daschel also has a brief blog entry about the defensive line and Oregon's desire to find an eight-man rotation for the fall.  Olin Buchanan has an article up for that looks at Nate Costa's final attempt to win the starting spot at QB for the Ducks.  This angle has been covered pretty heavily over the last few weeks, but I included this link because there were some new quotes from Nate about his time at Oregon and the turbulent offseason that I hadn't seen before. 
  • In today's Register-Guard, Rob Moseley goes over the Oregon players who will most likely be selected in this week's NFL draft.  His focus is on Ed Dickson and the legacy of Oregon TEs making it to the NFL over the last 15 years.  My only quibble with Rob's piece is in his discussion of how Oregon's offense under Bellotti and Kelly have been good for TEs: " In recent years Oregon has employed a spread offense and found various ways to use the versatile [Dante] Rosario and Dickson."  Rosario, in my opinion, was  the least-utilized athlete at Oregon that I can remember while Dickson would seem to disappear from the game plan for long stretches of time.  Regardless, they are both NFL talent and Ed will join Dante in the NFL soon.
  • After the baseball team's impressive weekend, the team jumped into the national rankings -- including a high of #18 in both the Baseball America and Rivals polls.  The team is in Spokane tonight where Coach Horton will attempt to keep the team focused as they take on Gonzaga.  In Baseball America's weekly Three Strikes feature, the first strike focuses on Oregon's play this season, which author Aaron Fitt terms "the biggest story in college baseball."   
  • No news on Oregon's search for a basketball coach. Someone did get around to asking Craig Robinson if he'd been contacted about the coaching position. 
  • Colorado was able to fill its basketball coaching vacancy in a week as they tabbed former Oregon assistant Tad Boyle as Jeff Bzdelik's replacement.  As we all know, Mike Dunlap was interviewed for the job, and even called it his "dream school" (a term also used by Boyle).  With the possibility of Dunlap replacing Kent growing more remote by the day, this would seem to remove any possibility of that happening -- I can't imagine the athletic department's idea of a "splashy hire" including someone who was a runner-up for the University of Colorado gig. 

Did I miss anything?  Add it in the comments.

Go Ducks!