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The Exodus Continues

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Just caught this Tweet from John Hunt over at the Oregonian:


Another Ducks hoopster has decided not to wait around: Matt Humphrey will transfer.

When Drew Wiley transferred to Boise State, that was one thing. It was pretty clear he wasn't a Pac-10 player. But now we have talent, a guy who was perhaps our most (only?) clutch player last year bailing as well. Guys who are even thinking about leaving have to do so soon, before everyone's scholarships are taken up by incoming freshmen.

I've given up on any thoughts of salvaging a recruiting class long ago (and I firmly belive that if we had pretty much any coach in place, the Terrences would have been ours), but now what little talent we have is starting to bail as well.

I fully expect that we're not done yet hearing about transfers. I have heard various rumblings about Sim, Crittle, Dunigan, and Wilson all being possible candidates to jump ship.

We've got nine scholarship players next year without Porter, Wiley, and Humphrey (ten if Catron wins his medical redshirt). At this point, we aren't getting any freshmen that are going to contribute. Say Catron loses his appeal for a redshirt, and Sim, Dunigan, and Wilson all decide to follow Wiley and Humphrey out the door?

We are perilously close to an epic disaster here. You see the carnage that was left at Inidana as Kelvin Sampson was booted out?

Message to Knight and Kilkenny: you need to accept the fact that you may not be getting your marquee name to open the arena. But if you keep this coaching status in limbo, you are going to have not only a no-name coach, but no talent, either. There are lots of coaches out there who would love this job: Mike Rice, Cameron Dollar, Terry Porter, Mike Dunlap, Randy Bennett, etc. (just no to PJ). But its time to get this done and try to salvage what we can for next season.

The longer we wait, the bigger the hole have to climb out of.