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Ducked Up Image: John Boyett

Today's Ducked Up Image is a double helping of cleat seeking, knee rattling and, as a certain Ohio State wide receiver found out in the Rose Bowl, back breaking John Boyett. Boyett burst onto the scene last year and absolutely made the most of his opportunity. After TJ Ward went down with an ankle injury in the first game the Ducks looked to the Redshirt Freshman to solidify their defensive backfield, and Boyett stepped up. Looking forward to a lot more good things from this Safety this coming year, as a Sophomore.

Boyett led the team in tackles, and became the first freshman to ever do so. He had a career high 12 tackles against Ohio State in the Rose Bowl including an interception, and was in double digits in tackles three times during the season. He also ranked 8th in the Pac 10 in average tackles with 6.9 per game. He had 3 interceptions on the year including a game clinching one against Utah. Lastly, he was third on the team in passes broken up.

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Excuse me Mr. McKnight. Have a seat right there.

Freshman Safety aren't supposed to be this smart

Oh, my neck! My neck and my back!!! I gonna sue for a hundred and fifty thousand dollars.