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Quack Fix: Baseball starts homestand against USC, coaching search drags along

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Apparently the Denver Broncos drafted some QB last night, you guys heard about that? Oh well, let's get to the quack.

  • The nationally ranked Oregon baseball team starts off an eight game homestand with a three game series against USC this weekend. The Ducks took care of business in Spokane this weekend, and look to do the same against the Trojans, who are in the Pac-10 cellar. Oregon has competed very well against the best teams in the conference, and they'll need to take that intensity into every game the rest of the season if they want to achieve their goal of the postseason. The first game of the series kicks off tonight at 7pm, and it's Elvis night, so dress like "the King" and you'll get in free!
  • While the coaching staff has been excellent this year, the vast improvement in hitting has been a real catalyst for the Ducks. While Oregon has seen a power surge the last few games, it has excelled in the bunting game. Yes, that's right bunting. But it's effective in college baseball, where defenses are not always very stout. Horton's philosophy is to force the defense to make a play, and many times they can't, which has led to a good number of infield hits for the Ducks. Also, Horton believes that being good at bunting improves your batting overall. And with improvement the Ducks have made in runs per game, from 2.8 to 6.0, it's tough to disagree. 
  • After getting turned down by Missouri's Mike Anderson, it's been pretty quiet for the Oregon coaching search. But Bob Clark is reporting that Pat Kilkenny is frustrated much like we are. He may be finally able to turn his attention to coaches with legitimate interest in Oregon, even if they don't have the high profile. Marquette’s Buzz Williams and Dayton’s Brian Gregory are being mentioned currently. With Wiley and Humphrey transferring and Crittle opening the possibility, many fans want a coach hired yesterday, but I feel that'd be a mistake. This search has focused on names that were very unlikely from the beginning. This period has obviously lasted far too long. But jumping at the first coach with interest would be a mistake. I hope that Kilkenny, now that he has some more freedom, will do his homework and get the best coach available.
  • And though Oregon basketball is down now, at least we got someone in the pros carrying on the good name. Congrats to Aaron Brooks for winning the NBA's "Most Improved Player" award
  • One of the Duck players I'm most excited to see in the draft is T.J. Ward. KEZI has a Q&A with T.J. Ward on his feelings leading up to the draft.

With the second and third rounds of the NFL draft tonight, a few former Ducks will be waiting by their phones as they have a chance to get drafted tonight. GO DUCKS!