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NFL Draft Day Two Open Thread

After only two Pac-10 players going in round 1, we should see a flurry of west coast talent today in rounds 2 and 3, including (probably) some Ducks.  I'm expecting Ed Dickson and TJ Ward to get drafted today, with Walter Thurmond III and LeGarrette Blount going tomorrow in the late rounds.

One last thing: Most experts have Colt McCoy going to Cleveland today.  I'm of the belief that with a name like Colt McCoy, he can only succeed in a few places: Dallas, Houston, KC, Carolina, Tennessee.  Pretty much anywhere with notoriously good BBQ.  Can a guy named Colt McCoy really become an NFL legend in Seattle, Minnesota, or Cleveland?  I say no.  But Colt McCoy of the Houston Texans?  Match made in Heaven.