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Quack Fix: Walter Thurmond goes to Seattle, Tim Tebow, Penn Relays, and Baseball Wins Again

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Remember to contact me about the Spring Game and meeting up with your fellow addicts! I'll be sending out emails this weekend to everyone that is contacted me so don't hesitate. On with the quack.

  • Oregon softball lost to Arizona State yesterday, 10-3. Every time I read a recap about Oregon softball, I'm just amazed at the turnaround from last year. I know that people are stressed about the Oregon men's basketball situation but sometimes finding the right guy takes awhile.
  • In the 115-year history of the Penn Relays, the Oregon track team had never won a race. That all changed yesterday. The Penn Relays will continue today.
  • The baseball team continued their winning ways yesterday with a 12-2 win over the USC Trojans at PK Park. LaMichael James had 127 yards and 2 TDs. John Boyett made a great sack when....oh sorry, flashbacks.
  • I don't want to start a Tim Tebow flame war but I thought this article from John Hunt was interesting take on the Oregon QBs' perspective of Tebow's draft night.
  • TJ Ward and Ed Dickson were taken in the NFL Draft yesterday. I'm going to pull my best Mel Kiper Jr. and say that I think LeGarrette Blount is headed to the Cleveland Browns today. We'll see if my prediction comes true. Walter Thurmond went to Seattle today in the today in the 3rd round.
  • Nothing really new on the basketball coach search but there is this article suggesting that Oregon's search could aim a bit lower. Here's just a quick observation on this whole thing. We have the media fanning the flames about the "failures" of the search committee, we have misinformation on who has been contacted, we have a mostly silent University of Oregon and we have local media giving out all kinds of conflicting stories. When was the last something like this happened? Did it, perhaps, involve a laptop and projector? Just saying.
  • The football 2010 recruiting class is already putting in work this spring.

There should be some interesting happenings today so make sure to add those notes to the fix below. I'm going to take this time to go fishing. I'm out!