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Do we finally have a coach? Multiple sources reporting Creighton's Dana Altman to be new Oregon head coach

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Its been reported close throughout the day, and The Oregonian's John Hunt claims to confirm the report via Twitter, that Creighton's Dana Altman will be named Oregon's next basketball coach.  Given the nature of the search, and the fact that Altman accepted then backed out of the Arkansas job a couple of years back, I'll wait until UO makes an announcement, and then maybe a couple of days longer.  But, as usually happens with these searches, its the candidate that we've heard nothing about that appears to be getting the job.

And if this is indeed the case, its a solid hire.  He has a reputation as a solid X's and O's guy, and a good recruiter.  His Creighton teams have made the postseason 13 seasons in a row, and he hasn't had a losing record since 1995.

There are thoughts that Altman would bring his own staff with him, who has been on his bench for a combined 29 years.  That would appear to leave Kenny Payne--and any chance of landing Terrence Jones--out in the cold. 

We'll see what actually happens here.  But it appears that we may finally, finally have our man.