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Quack Fix: Dana Altman, LeGarrette Blount, and Recruiting News

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The big news of the day is certainly the hiring of Dana Altman to replace Ernie Kent as head of the men's basketball team. I've seen some mixed reviews from fans on the hire, most centering around the fact that he was hired from Creighton and not a big name school. Altman has a track record of being a consistent winner (something that even Kent's biggest supporters couldn't argue about his tenure) and Pat Kilkenny's skill at bringing in coaching talent can't be disputed. Take the word "Creighton" out of the equation and I think that will ease people's minds when considering his other qualifications. On to the quack

  • George Schroeder weighs in on Dana Altman's record at Creighton and how other coaches view him around the nation. In short, Altman may be one big time coaching gig away from winning big.
  • Rickert asks the question that we all must be thinking... what does it all mean?!
  • This is a must see video on the Omaha Media catching up with Altman on his departure to Oregon. The video is within context of a larger fix of news so only watch the beginning. His reaction to being confronted by a reporter was...interesting.
  • More Omaha reaction to Dana Altman taking the Oregon job. There is definitely a feeling of "it was time to move on anyway" from a segment of their posters.
  • KVAL is talking disappointment with the Altman hire and how fans should welcome him with open arms.
  • The Altman hire is already making waves in the recruiting scene as Dwayne Polee decided to delay his announcement until he had a chance to visit Oregon and Dana this Friday.
  • LeGarrette Blount signed a free agent deal with San Francisco yesterday. On the surface, that appears to be a good fit. Remember kids, work hard and keep your emotions in check on the big stage. You could end up costing yourself later on down the road. Deadspin also has a great screen grab of Blount "sleeping" during the draft.
  • If you watched the baseball game yesterday, you witnessed one crazy game. The Ducks eventually lost in extra innings but they wouldn't go down without a fight.

Everyone have a great day out there and if you find any quack, please place it in the appropriate cubby below. Go Ducks!