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Quack Fix: Altman introduced as head coach, looks to change the basketball culture in Eugene

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You might wanna pace yourselves this morning, don't wanna overdose on all the quack: 

  • Switching gears a bit, we're less away from some football, and thanks to Chip Kelly's continual innovation, our spring game should be one of the most exciting in the nation. Instead of just taking the first team and having them compete against the second team, the Oregon coaches held a "draft" over the weekend, and the coaching staff picked the Green and White teams. Thomas, LMJ and Barner, are holding down the Green team backfield, but won't have the first string offensive line in its entirety. Sounds like the coaching staff and players are really getting into it, so we should be in for a real competitive game. The teams have already practicing together this week, and the White team won yesterday's practice, 116-114.
  • One of the fun things about spring ball is seeing who will step up and compete for playing time, and sophomore LB Michael Clay has been on fire. He's been able to grasp the game, and will see significant time this fall after earning playing time as a true freshman. Another player that has made an impression is walk-on receiver Justin Hoffman. His selflessness during practice has helped him work his was up the depth chart, and he's now in the two-deep. With the departure of Garrett Embry and Jamere Holland, receiver depth is a bit of a question, and Hoffman is making the most of his opportunities.
  • A non-conference Civil War takes place tonight at PK Park at 6pm. But the roles are reversed from what you'd expect. Oregon is ranked and OSU is not and the Ducks have been winning series while the Beavers lose them. But you can throw all that out the window. The Ducks won't take anything for granted, as even though this game is non-conference, it could significantly impact both teams postseason hopes.

There's likely plenty more out there, so if you've got anything else to discuss, leave it below. GO DUCKS!