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Quack Fix: Baseball Gets a Big Win, Guru of Go, and Nate Costa

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Is time flying or what? April, the time for spring showers, football practice and minor league baseball teams fooling local media outlets. There is a lot to cover today so let's get into it.

  • While the world slept, Oregon Baseball was busy knocking off the #2 and previously undefeated Arizona State Sun Devils at PK Park. Oregon took a lead of 4-3 into the 9th where Arizona State came roaring back with 2 runs. The Ducks tied it in the 9th and went on to win 6-5 in the 12th inning, notching their victory at 12:46am. Oregon is 19-9 on the season and 2-3 in the Pac-10 with another game against Arizona State today.
  • Oregon golfer Eugene Wong was named Golfer of the Month for March by the Pac-10.
  • Should we expect more interest from Bruins Nation in the coming months? It turns out that UCLA is experimenting with a no-huddle, quick read offense with it's roots in Oregon philosophy.
  • Kyle Singler may be getting most of the spotlight with Duke in the Final Four, but that doesn't mean EJ has been left out in the cold. Here is a feature talking about the younger Singler.
  • Rob Moseley takes a look at the UO Women's Basketball team and how they fared under first year head coach Paul Westhead. Speaking of Paul, make sure you check out today's 30 for 30 on ESPN starting at 1pm PST which features him along with some notes about Hank Gathers.
  • I know some folks are practically giddy with excitement for Darron Thomas to start at QB but let's not forget about the road this humble guy has traveled. 
  • And finally, in your fun link of the day, make sure you have those pancakes and bacon because we have scientific proof that greasy foods are good for you.

Have a good day, and enjoy the final foul this weekend. Should make for some great matchups and as long as Duke loses, everything will be great. Go Ducks!