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Quack Fix: Competition Day, LaMichael James and Jon Gruden

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Sunday quack fix?! (tumble tumble tumble)

  • Hey, while everyone is just sort of throwing names out there to consider for the next UO men's basketball coach, we might as well start getting really crazy. Let's trade one Porter for another!
  • The defense won the first competition day of the spring in football news with former Duck LeGarrette Blount in attendance. Yesterday was also Junior Day as tons of recruits packed into the Mo Center to check out the team. Hopefully Jon Gruden's star power helped entice some recruits on the fence about coming to Oregon. Some photos of Gruden as well as some great video interviews can be found at KVAL's site.
  • Oregon Baseball got a big win this weekend over Arizona St. at PK Park. They may have lost the war, but they won a battle.
  • Looking for a Wazzu football scrimmage report? No? Want to know about Bill Moos? Well one out of two ain't bad.
  • Rob Moseley takes a look at LaMichael James giving some positive closure to the rough off-season he's had. KOHD has a video interview with LMJ. Beaver and Husky trolls will continue to bash him but when he comes out and says things like this, that's all the ammunition I need.

"The only personal goal I have is being an academic all-American. Football will take care of itself." -- LaMichael James