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Tako Tuesdays: Raters Gonna Rate

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The idea of something being overrated is a topic that comes up a lot here at AtQ. Overrated is defined as: "to overestimate the merits of; rate too highly". This doesn't mean that something is not good. It can be very good, just not as good as everyone is making out to be. By the dictionary definition, it can mean a single person overestimating a certain thing. For example, Lou Holtz overrates Notre Dame football, John Madden overrates Brett Favre, Takimoto overrates Pabst Blue Ribbon. Colloquially, the term "overrated" refers to the general culture overestimating something, rating it too highly. After the jump, I'll tackle some examples and examine if they are actually overrated by the general populace.




It's visually groundbreaking. It's innovatingly expensive. But is it properly rated? Let's look at some key factors.

  • The Look - It's a beautiful movie. Whether it's in 2 or 3D, it's fantastic to look at. And if anything, the nitpicking by critics about all the negative aspects of the film have caused us to lose sight of the fact that it is, from a technological innovation standpoint, the Star Wars of the 21st century.
  • The Lines - The story is one that has been told many times before. The dialogue isn't that engaging because it doesn't have to be, the pictures tell the story.
  • The Length - I understand James Cameron spent a butt-ton of his money, and damnit if he wasn't gonna make the movie HE wanted. But it's really long. Too long for theaters. If you want to watch that long of a film, you'll buy the Director's Cut DVD when it comes out and watch it on your HDTV alone in the dark in Shufelt's parents' basement.

Right now, I'd say it's pretty properly rated. We know what's great about it, and we understand what sucks about it. It'll be interesting to see how our view of this film changes with time. I don't know if it can sustain the rabid fan base like the Star Wars brand, so what will we think of this one film in 20 years?

The Simpsons



It's the best cartoon sitcom of all time, and it's 20 year run on TV is incredibly impressive. But the culture of Simpsons fans has caused the show to become overrated. And here's why. No one is allowed to say anything critical of the Simpsons. Simpsons fans turn into a bizarro version of Comic Book Guy, shouting things like, "How dare you?!?" or, "Are you kidding me? The Simpsons is unmatched in sly, sterile humor and unmatched animation consistancy!" But they've all lost sight of what the Simpsons really is: a funny cartoon show that's been on TV for a really long time. The Simpsons is unequivocally better than Avatar. But it's overrated.

Miles Davis



As a trumpet player, he's pretty overrated. He tried to make it in the bebop scene with Bird and Dizzy, and didn't have the chops. That led him to Gil Evans and a different direction altogether. As a composer and musical visionary, he's probably still underrated, despite how he's currently revered by the jazz community. He was at the forefront of creating numerous subgenres of music (cool jazz, electric jazz/fusion, blue bop), and his ideals laid the foundation for funk, electric rock, and hip-hop. Everyday listeners know Kind of Blue, jazz hobbyists have Birth of the Cool and Bitches Brew, and those with a passion for jazz listening have heard In a Silent Way and On the Corner, but his scope of musical achievement stretches beyond his discography.

Derek Jeter



My first thought was, he's overrated. Why? Because screw him, thats why! Here's the real situation: he's overrated by Yankee fans, underrated by everyone else. As a non-Yankee fan, I can tell you that I hate Derek Jeter. But when you take a glance at the stats, he's a Hall of Fame-caliber shortstop. He's fast approaching 3000 hits. He's a career .317 hitter. He's had six Top 10 finishes in the MVP voting. He's a franchise shortstop, and I'd love to have him on my team. That said, I still hate his stupid face.

Yankee fans, on the other hand, have Derek Jeter planted firmly between Babe Ruth and Jesus on the list of Most Important People of All-Time. The fact of the matter is, he's not that good. He forced the defensively superior A-Rod to move to third base when a real leader would have sucked it up for the team and found a new position. His career playoff batting average is actually worse than his regular season average. He's a great player. He's not Ruth or Mantle. By contrast, Mariano Rivera is properly rated by both Yankee fans and non-Yankee fans. That guy can pitch.

And now, an arbitrary list of things and how they're rated:

Filet Mignon
Megan Fox
Carlos Santana
Elvis Presley
Fixed gear bikes
Wisconsin cheese
Robin Williams
Angelina Jolie
Dave Matthews Band
Brian de Palma
Las Vegas

Properly Rated
Jessica Alba
In-N-Out Burger
Jurassic Park
Chex Mix
Call of Duty
Barry Bonds
Led Zeppelin
Tim Tebow
Mitch Hedberg
Matt Damon
Frank Sinatra
Matt Daddy
The Strokes
Back to the Future

That 70's Show
Kevin Durant
John Mayer
Mila Kunis
Leonardo Dicaprio
The Royal Tenanbaums
Deinonychus (way scarier raptor)
Ice cream sandwiches
Albert Pujols, for some reason.
Steve Young

Keg Stickers!

The Keg Sticker this week goes to JShufelt, to help ease the pain of's autodrafter giving him the worst fantasy team in the history of existence. I'm also giving myself one for beating the rest of the mods in the bracket challenge. So there.

Bill Musgrave - 4
Matt Daddy - 4
Gorbachav5 - 3
JonathanPDX - 3
Addicted to Quack - 2
JShufelt - 2
Takimoto - 2
ntrebon - 1
echo31 - 1
CaDuck - 1
trumpetduck - 1
HoodRiverDuck - 1
QuackinAK - 1
jtlight - 1
benzduck - 1
axemen23 - 1
AllSaintsDay - 1


I started doing Tako Tuesdays as FanPosts, before I was given glorious front page privileges. I kept doing them as FanPosts out of habit, but the last two were front page only. Are they fine this way, or do we like having Tako Tuesdays on the sidebar for easy access throughout the week? Lemme know what you think.