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Quack Fix: Has Butler's Stevens Told UO "No"? One Report Says "Yes".

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The chase continues for a new men's basketball coach, but there are a few other flavors of quack on the streets as well. Enjoy the variety:

  • First the obligatory coaching search news... Bob Clark of the R-G provides the details of Oregon's interest in Butler's Brad Stevens, including his current salary and potential competition from Clemson and Wake Forest. At the same time, John Hunt of The Oregonian is reporting that Stevens may have already turned Oregon down.
  • Oregon President Richard Lariviere has appointed a 13-member committee for the AD job search. Unbelievably, our own Bill Musgrave didn't make the cut. Doesn't seem fair that ATQ should go unrepresented.
  • Play to the whistle! In case you missed it, Rob Moseley's spring football practice report from Wednesday morning. New talent is emerging in the form of receiver Justin Hoffman, tight end Brandon Williams and defensive tackle Wade Keliikipi.
  • Oregon's men are going to make another run at an NCAA track and field title, led by standouts Andrew Wheating and, of course, Ashton Eaton, who coach Vin Lannana now says is "...too good to be true. At every level. As a student, an athlete, a community guy, a team leader, a representative of this university, they broke the mold with Ashton."
  • Ducks baseball heads to Stanford for a three-game set. The Ducks are still looking for their first Pac-10 series win since reinstatement last season. I can't seem to locate the over/under on how many times Toby Gerhardt will score (yes, yes I know, he's not on the roster...). You will find tons of tidbits about the team and Ducks players in this presser.
  • Ducks softball is ranked no. 21 again this week following a series win over OSU. The ladies host no. 13 Cal for three games at Howe field this weekend. Oregon is second nationally for batting average (.346) and seventh for ERA (1.38). It will be interesting to see if those stats can hold up through the brutal Pac-10 conference play.

Competition day tomorrow at spring practice. If you get a chance to go watch a practice session, be sure to fill us in on what you saw. Who will get to wear the black uniforms? Something called The Masters apparently starts today...and this one could get interesting. Don't forget to play to the whistle - Chip Kelly commands it.