Little Gorby Auctions Up (Again) *NEW* EK Ball is UP

Current Bid $$$ (Thursday 4/15/10 @ 9:20 AM): Visor-$106.01 (leading bidder: skywaker9). CK Football-$202.50 (leading bidder: randhflude). Bellotti Ball: $61.00 (leading bidder: skywaker9). EK ball-$15.50 (leading bidder: w***y)

link to lil' gorby's blog

Well as many of you know, Scudderfan graciously donated the Chip Kelly visor from his Bracket Pool winnings to be sign ed and auctioned off, with the proceeds going to the ""Little Gorby Fund" Well Mattdaddy, Dave, Qsouther and Myself have been working together on this, and here's the timeline of what we have so far, plus our plans for the next week. (Fyi we had to change the charity slighty due to Ebay policy)

1. Wednesday morning, I went to football practice after emailing Chip Kelly, and he not only signed the visor, he offered to sign a football as well. I didn't have time to wait around unfortunately (golf tournament), so he said I could come back Thursday around lunch time.

2. I went back to the football offices with Quinn during lunch today, and after ogling the trophies and artifacts, we went and got the football. Alas, we didn't get to speak to the coach, because he was in a meeting.

3. MattDaddy started a 3-way email with Dave and myself to plan out our 3-point strategy for this:

A) Get the Ebay auctions up and running. I have done this tonight. llink to the visor and link to the football

link to the Mike Bellotti Autographed Football graciously donated by Qsouther

***NEW*** link to the Ernie Kent Autographed Basketball donated by

B) Get this fanpost up and running. Well......

C) Media Blitz. That will be handled by us, with the idea being that some local media give a little attention to the great cause. has already said they would put links to it on their facebook page and twitter.

We also have a plea for all of the ATQ users: Please bid on this, and please forward the links to this post and the ebay links to at least 10 people. We really want to see a lot of money raised for little Gorby!

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