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Quack Fix: Duck baseball gets back on track, Altman lands second commitment

I saw Iron Man 2 last night, and for some strange reason, I was reminded of our old pal Mandrake. Random? Absolutely. Here's your Wednesday Morning Quack Fix:

  • The No. 22-ranked Oregon baseball team tried to shake off a 4-game losing streak yesterday, and did so convincingly, knocking off No. 19 San Diego, 13-4. Catcher Eddie Rodriguez led the Ducks with a near-cycle performance at the plate. Oregon resumes play Friday with a three-game home stand against East Tennessee State.
  • Dana Altman got his second commitment as the Oregon men's basketball coach yesterday when junior college transfer Tyrone Nared signed a letter of intent. The 6'8" combo forward from New York joins point guard Johnathan Loyd, who committed to Altman and the Ducks a week ago.
  • SportingNews writers Dave Curtis and Matt Hayes each ranked the Pac-10's quarterbacks, and both listed Nate Costa in their top five. Curtis also listed Darron Thomas at No. 9 on his list. Of course, the real focal point of the article is the Jake Locker/Andrew Luck debate (and, if you ask me, it's not even a debate, since Locker does more with less...surrounding talent, that is).
  • After golf cart-gate came to an end with the three Oregon State players getting community service for their part in the March joyride hilarity in Corvallis yesterday,'s Ted Miller weighs in on...why Oregon's rap sheet is higher profile? Although I'd certainly consider myself a Ted Miller fan, I'm not exactly a fan of this piece. Granted the howls from us Quack Addicts, as well as a post or two from Oregon Live's Bob Rickert, about the media bias or hypocrisy have been loud and clear, and despite the fact that I agree Oregon's rap sheet is higher-profile, I don't think turning the attention away from the Beavers' offseason missteps is productive in making that point. I think it's probably a topic better served in a mailbag.

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