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Quack Fix: Baseball, Open Threads, Track Notes and Lorraine Davis

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Baseball has dropped the last two games to the Beavers in dramatic fashion but don't let that fool you into believing that baseball hasn't arrived in a big way this season. Sure, Oregon State fans will rub it in a bit with winning the series, but let's be honest here. At this point in the season, this series means a lot more to them then it does to us. We haven't hurt our position for the post-season while they were looking out over the cliff before stepping away from the edge the last two days. We don't want to lose this game though and even though we haven't come through on the scoreboard, we've been in a position to win the last two games. Let's hope the ball bounces our way today. Feel free to talk about the game in this thread.

Here comes the quack!

That's it for the quack today. Enjoy the baseball game and let's hope for a big Ducks win. Having to deal with a sweep at work next week will be brutal on me. So while you're getting your quack fix for today Mr. Horton, please help a humble ATQ editor out. Go Ducks!