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University of Colorado officially joins the Pac-10 conference, takes first step in expansion game

Well, the first move has been made in this big expansion game. Colorado is now officially part of the Pac-10 conference. This is the first step in what is likely going to be a major restructuring of college football as we know it. It's been one week since Chip Brown first broke the news that the Pac-10 was looking to expand to 16 teams, and what seemed improbable at first is now occurring at breakneck speed. 

Welcome to the conference Colorado! The Buffaloes, despite their recent issues on the field, will be a good addition to the conference. They will provide a boost to conference television revenues by giving the Pac-10 a good footing in the Denver market, and culturally fit the Pac-10 nicely. No matter what happens in the next few days, Colorado is a great addition.

Oh, and let's just take a moment to remind Colorado fans of what they'll be in for.