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Quack Fix: Individual Track National Titles, Conference Alignment, Trojan Envy

Couple thoughts on my mind as we enter a quack-filled weekend. First up, how amazing is it that two of the most staunchly traditional conferences in the Big-10 and Pac-10 have expanded. Are these really the same two conferences who have looked to block previous playoff discussions? Someone must have given these guys one helluva powerpoint presentation on the "virtues and revenue streams" of expansion.

The other revolves around Texas and their media deals. It will be interesting to see how those get reconciled with the new conference deals to be put in place. They make mucho dinero from local stations in the lone star state from re-airing their sporting events. Given the existing revenues and such that the Pac-10 has, doesn't this whole thing kind of seem like the goldfish swallowing the shark? Anyway, onto the quack

  • Andrew Wheating has his revenge over Robby Andrews. Wheating captured the 800m National Title at the NCAA Championships yesterday with a time of 1.45:69.
  • Brianne Theisen did her part for the women's track team by winning the heptathlon yesterday.
  • Oregon State footballer Jordan Bishop got 10th place in the high jump, becoming the first Beaver to participate at the NCAA meet since 1988. From what I understand, he also had quite the crowd backing him at the event. Maybe with the new Pac-10 deals, perhaps this will give the Beavers an opportunity to bring back some more sports... specifically Track. The baseball rivalry has been a huge success for fans, a Track rivarly would be just as good.
  • Here's an interesting article about Baseball recruit Tyler Kuresa who is considering spurning the Minnesota Twins in favor of taking that Oregon Ducks scholarship. If he does choose Oregon, the Twins will lose his rights and he can't be drafted for three years.
  • News from Tuscon showcases the history of the Arizona Wildcats and conference affiliations going back to 1931.
  • Our buddies down at the Conquest Chronicles are reacting to USC being pinned to the wall by their junk. Although I understand some of the points about questionable testimony and all, what I don't understand is what motivation the NCAA would have in giving USC the hammer if they didn't deserve it. They almost received a TV ban and it isn't just USC that loses money in that deal.
  • Oh wait, maybe I do know the reason. Perhaps it was Trojan Envy
  • USC has other problems at their campus. Flood on!

That's it for the Quack today. We'll have an open thread up for the World Cup at around 11:00am PDT. Until then, feel free to use this to talk about all the days events. Go Ducks!