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Quack Fix: the AD search takes shape and Pac-12 by 2011?

The dream of a Pac-16 by 2012 is dead.  However, that doesn't mean that Expandageddon is over.  Enjoy your Tuesday Quack Fix.

  • Bob Clark has an article today on new assistant basketball coach Kevin McKenna, who will be a part of Coach Altman's staff for the third time.  Clark reports that despite resigning the head coaching job at Indiana State, the $250,000 in guaranteed compensation the first two years that McKenna will earn at Oregon represents a "significant" increase in pay (his annual guaranteed compensation at ISU came in at $200,000).   Other details of his agreement are also included.
  • The Denver CBS affiliate has a blog post about how the conference will be split into divisions, assuming Utah joins the conference.  Reportedly, the Utes would join Colorado, Arizona, Arizona State, USC and UCLA in a southern division.  While maybe not the most geographically accurate, at least it would guarantee the eight non-California schools two division opponents from the state.
  • The Daily Camera has a report that Colorado may look to join the conference as early as 2011.  By joining the Pac-10 a year earlier, Colorado would appear poised to avoid losing $4.5 - $5 million in exit fees they would be required to pay, as stipulated by the Big-12.  
  • Block U is has a rumor that Utah has already notified the MWC of their decision to leave the conference
  • As everyone knows by now, the Big-12 has managed to avoid extinction after Texas agreed to stay in exchange for the rights to their own television network.  Like everybody else, I am very interested in how Big-12 commissioner Dan Beebe will explain how he plans to increase the TV revenue that conference schools earned last year ($7 - $10 million) to the approximately $20 - $25 million he promised despite the defections of Colorado and Nebraska.
  • The search for a new Athletic Director is starting to take shape.  The 13-member search committee hopes to come up with a list later this week of six to eight candidates to invite to campus for an interview and to have a new AD in place by the end of July. 

Go Ducks!