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Quack Fix: Pac-12...who's hottest now? Andrew Wheating just did it.

Though all the expansion chatter is beginning to sound like a swarm of vuvuzuelas, there's a lot of excitement, and some apprehension, as all the details are being hashed out. Commissioner Larry Scott promises he's just getting started. Here's the latest quack:

  • Let's get serious about expansion. The real question on everyone's mind is with two new squads added, who has the hottest cheerleaders?
  • Columnist Pete Alfano has worked with Larry Scott in the past, and feels that Scott represents a new wave in conference commissioners.
  • Just about everyone understands what's driving conference, money, money, monnnneyyy. Jon Wilner gives us a very thorough - and lengthy - look at the revenue picture for the new 12-team conference. Wilner's conclusions aren't all that rosey, though he admits a lot of the numbers won't be solidified until TV deals get done, a championship game is in place and a Pac-12 network is on-air.
  • JazzyUte over at SB Nation's BlockU offers us a proper introduction to the University of Utah.
  • Eugene left no question that it still warrants the title of Track City USA. The post-mortem on the last week's NCAA track and field championships is mostly positive, despite our recent weather.
  • Oregon senior Andrew Wheating has been named the 2010 NCAA male track athlete of the year. Oregon has been named the top men's and women's programs by the the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (I'd like to buy an acronym...). The Ducks won the same award last year - quite a testament to the quality track and field and cross country we've witnessed recently in Eugene.
  • If you're looking to score some football season tickets, a limited number will go on sale tomorrow at Here are some of the details.

I'm sure there's plenty more floating around, but hey, I gotta get to work. Has anyone asked the BlockU folks about their favorite beers? Do they prefer Red Vines or Twizzlers? Have they ever tried Dr. Delight?