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Quack Fix: Brianne Theisen, Kenny Payne, Autzen Turf Replacement

Sorry, would have had the quack up sooner but rumor has it that Masoli stole the SBN web servers. On to the quack

  • Andy Staples weighs in on the "Utah to the Pac-10" event saying that the Utes have finally arrived at the big boy table. I also want to point out that Utah coach Kyle Whittingham made mention of how a team outside of a BCS conference could win the national title. First step, be ranked in the top 15 to start the season. I look forward to Jared's quick rebuttle on why preseason polls don't matter.
  • Chip Kelly talked a little about Utah joining the Pac-10 and what influence he would have (if any) on divisional splits. Personally, I think we should have all of the "State" schools plus non-"state" schools with less than 4 syllables in that division. (eg. Wazzu, Oregon State, Stanford, USC, Arizona State, Utah in Division "Superfly. Oregon, Washington, California, UCLA, Arizona, and Colorado in Division Snuka). Screw your zipper division!
  • Kentucky has made official what we already knew. Kenny Payne is a new assistant for the Wildcats. Apparently Calipari has been trying to lure Payne away for awhile.
  • Brianne Theisen was named the 2010 National Field Athlete of the Year for Outdoor Track and Field as voted on by coaches across the country.
  • One of my favorite Ducks of all time gets picked up by the Seattle Seahawks. How many Ducks play for Pete Carroll now?
  • The Autzen Field Turf replacement has begun! (video)

That's your quack for today. Have a good one, hope for the clouds to go away and go ducks!