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Tako Tuesdays: Blackout

One of the things about being a recent college graduate in a down economy is that you have to find a way to save money however you can. You can steal milk crates instead of buying furniture. You can buy the crappy bottom-shelf bag cereal instead of delicious, delicious Cheerios. Wait. Screw that, I'm buying Cheerios.

A fantastic way to save money is to steal internet from unsecured wireless networks. When I moved into my new apartment, I had a reliable and pretty fast network of which I had free reign. Oh, NETGEAR. How I loved you. You were always there with at least three out of four connection rainbow rings. I could stream video, I could download music. I could do anything I wanted, and it was all free!

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. Three days ago, I got home from work and opened my computer. Where was NETGEAR? This can't be! Maybe it's just resting. It's worked so hard the past few weeks. I'll give it until the morning...

The morning came, and still no NETGEAR? I felt so betrayed! What had I done to disrespect its brilliance? I was lost without the internet. I wandered the streets alone, not knowing how anyone felt about Utah joining the Pac-10. Plus, I lost last week in both my fantasy baseball leagues.

A trip around the world of Tako:

  • Pixar will never make a bad movie. Ever. Toy Story 3 was fantastic. That makes three straight Pixar movies I've cried at. Damn you Pixar! Give me my manhood back!
  • I was watching TV the other day, and came to the realization that I don't have to watch another Keifer Kia commercial for a long time, if ever. I don't miss Eugene, not yet.
  • I love soccer. I love watching it. I love the announcers that use words like "careless" and "shameful". I love the mindgames. I love the effeminate officials. I love the uniforms. I love terms like "set piece" and "clean sheet". I love that Italy and France are playing poorly. I love soccer
  • 12 Pack? Bring it on.
  • Things I've rediscovered now that I only have channels 2-13: I Love Lucy, The Cosby Show, The Marx Brothers, infomercials, the news, That 70's Show.

Keg Stickers

Happy late Father's Day to all the dads out there. My dad gets a Keg Sticker this week, for forgiving me for kicking over his beer at every Giants game for ten years, for teaching me the game of golf and not getting frustrated when I got better than him, and for being the best role model a kid who likes to chase passions instead of being sensible, could possibly ask for.

Matt Daddy - 5
Bill Musgrave - 5
Addicted to Quack - 5
Gorbachav5 - 4
Takimoto - 4
JShufelt - 4
JonathanPDX - 3
axemen23 - 2
trumpetduck - 2
AllSaintsDay - 2
HoodRiverDuck - 2
qrsouther - 2
echo31 - 2
benzduck - 1
QuackinAK - 1
ntrebon - 1
CaDuck - 1
scudderfan - 1
Mrs. Gorby - 1
MiracleWolf - 1
keeerrrttt - 1
DuckFanAndy - 1
dannyoneil94 - 1
hazmat5793 - 1
Tim Tebow - 1
FishDuck - 1
Papa Tako - 1