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Quack Fix: Expandageddon 2010 Coverage, Defeating all Kinds of Huskies, Dirty Diaper Stealing

Dave, working late into the night, has some great thoughts on the recent conference expansion theories and where that would leave the key players. Because all of these things need a name, I'm going to stick with "Expandageddon 2010".  As for us on Saturday, we've got quack to deliver.

  • With 4 straight bunts in their half of the 9th inning, the baseball team got past the UConn Huskies on Friday, 5-3 in the first round of the Norwich Regional. The Ducks take on Florida St. at 3:30pm today.
  • I've never seen so many people fired up about men's golf. Then again, how often do we have the chance to eliminate Washington in the postseason?
  • FWIW, the Black Coaches and Administrators Association gave Oregon a "D" on it's recent hiring report discussing minority presence in women's hoops coaching. To keep it in perspective, this same group gave USC an "F" because they didn't respond to the survey. Hooray for meaningless judging!
  • A Wisconsin man has been given probation after being convicted of attempting to steal dirty diapers. If that doesn't wake you up on a Saturday, nothing will.

As a final note for the quack today, I want to send my personal "Rest in Peace" to coach John Wooden. Getting away from UCLA basketball, this is a guy who exemplifies class and character in everything. The world got a bit darker with his passing. Thanks for all the memories coach.