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Quack Fix: Track & field championships start today, Catron granted additional season

The Expandageddon hullabaloo isn't dying down just yet after news broke late last night that Nebraska is leaning toward a move to the Big Ten. Shocking. RIP, Big XII. More on the ensuing conference shuffle below, but first, your Wednesday Morning Quack Fix:

  • The 2010 NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships start today at historic Hayward Field, and both the Oregon men and women will be well-represented. The men have four favored to win individual titles, while the women are in the hunt for the team title. If you're not able to attend the event in Eugene, you can watch online (requires sign-up) or just check the live results periodically to see how the Ducks are doing.
  • It seems like hardly anything has gone the Oregon men's basketball team's way this year...that is, until yesterday. Joevan Catron will be back for a second senior year. The oft-injured forward, who missed all but four of the Ducks' games last season, has been granted an additional year of eligibility. The Ducks still have two scholarships to dole out before next season.
  • Phil Steele's at it again today, this time announcing his strength of schedule rankings for the upcoming season. All 10 Pac-10 teams rank in the top 55, but guess which team ranks last in the conference and No. 55 overall. Yeah, you guessed it: Oregon. Good thing I still don't know who the hell Phil Steele actually is, and therefore couldn't care less about his amateurish looking website or his rankings. (Do I sound bitter?)

Of course, it wouldn't be a Morning Quack Fix in June 2010 without an overabundance of Expandageddon links. Go here, here and here for good summaries of all the coverage, then come back and discuss the latest.

As always, leave any relevant links or comments below.