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Jeremiah Masoli dismissed from Oregon football team after being cited for marijuana possession

The Register Guard reported this morning that Jeremiah Masoli had been cited for marijuana possession, and it took almost no time for Chip Kelly to respond.

Jeremiah Masoli has been dismissed from the Oregon football team, according to the twitter feed.

There's really not a lot that can be said regarding this incident. As long as there was no DUI involved, these infractions by themselves would have been relatively minor. Masoli was cited for possession of an illegal substance, and was driving with a suspended license. But Masoli was lucky to still be on the team after pleading guilty to burglary, and this latest incident was just the straw the broke the camel's back.

I wish Masoli nothing but the best. He's a young man that has made some pretty serious mistakes, and is a lesson to everyone: no matter what you have going for you, you can throw away your future in a matter of hours. Masoli went from being a Hesiman front-runner to being kicked off the team in less than 6 months. He had a campus at his fingertips, and now that's all gone. 

Oregon football will go on, and him being off the team is for the best. We no longer have to deal with any second-guessing from the media, which would have occurred after the first incomplete pass by either Darron Thomas or Nate Costa

For now, I applaud Chip Kelly's efforts to give Masoli a second chance, but am saddened that Masoli could not take advantage of that opportunity. Masoli gave us all some spectacular memories. I won't soon forget those times, but they will also be a reminder of what can be lost in the blink of an eye.