It is my will. Thus, it is done!

HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN YOUR TRUE MASTERS? After we defeated you not once, but TWICE! in collegiate men's NCAA basketball, we knew who the true masters were. Us. Over you. And when we have such dominion over you, we plan to use it to our advantage.

First, we will slowly but surely remove every QB from your team. Masoli was just an opening shot. Wait until we're done. Nate Costa will be in a Peruvian prison and Darron Thomas will be Lieutenant Governor of Maine. You'll be using Karl Dorrell in mustache at QB! And we have our plans for that mustache, let me tell you!

Second, you will (AND I REPEAT WILL) join the Pac10 army. We must spread the Pac10 gospel to our new friends. To our newest compatriots. They do not know our ways. Show us that they must kill who we kill! They must eat who we eat!

I've already gotten the party started. All you have to do is join the fun!


Texas A+M



There's no Oklahoma State site and Texas Tech won't let me start posting until Friday, so they miss out on all the fun. THEIR LOSS!


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