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Quack Fix: More on Wilson's exit; Could Oregon have too many QBs?

Mighty slow week for juicy news about Mighty Oregon. So we're just handing out nickel bags of quack today.

  • The R-G's Bob Clark has the full scoop on Jamil Wilson's decision to transfer to Marquette. He writes that coach Dana Altman was disappointed, but not surprised. That probably describes Duck fans' reaction in general. Some local flavor on the topic from Wilson's hometown paper in Racine, WI.
  • Might the Ducks soon be swimming in an ocean of quarterback talent? Rob Moseley recaps the current situation...three returners next year + two commitments already this summer + potentially two more top recruits looking hard at the Ducks. Who will stick? Who might switch positions? A lot will unfold over the next eight months.
  • Frequent ATQ contributor CougFan dons his green-yellow glasses and considers the possibility that future WSU v. UO games will be played at Qwest Field in Seattle, from an Oregon perspective. I get the feeling many Duck fans aren't yet familiar with this proposal. Where do you stand? Should UO take the money and play up north every year?
  • Recent Bleacher Report topics involving the Ducks: Why USC won't win the Pac-10, and why Caleb can't wait to see round 1 of Kelly versus Kiffen. And...ranking the Pac-10's toughest football schedules for 2010. I don't quite agree on no. 1. I'm thinking OSU's facing TCU, Louisville and Boise State is tougher than UW facing BYU, Syracuse and Nebraska.

Got breaking news? Please post your links, pics, videos in the comments area. Will we have a homoerotic-free Thursday here at ATQ? Magic 8 Ball says, "Not f****in' likely." Go Ducks.