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Quack Fix: Focus on Pac-10 QBs. Masoli a Runnin' Reb...why not?

The ramp up towards college football is on. If Jeremiah Masoli could find someone, anyone, willing to embrace him for just a single season, then we all could move on. Here's your quack:

  • It's been a while since we've heard much from the Portland Trib - where I believe the sports writing is underrated. Kerry Eggers takes a look at the one position in question at Oregon. He suggests that the contrasts between Nate Costa and Darron Thomas might lead to Chip Kelly calling on both players throughout the season.
  • More previews and predictions: tabs Oregon at no. 7. Maddux Sports looks at the Ducks with one eye on the betting line.
  • ESPN's Ted Miller took a glance at the QB position around the Pac-10, and Oregon falls under "We'll see." I think it's a fair assessment. I also wonder if fans at Cal, UCLA and WSU agree that their favorite teams are in "good shape" under center?
  • The aforementioned Masoli is now rumored to be looking at UNLV. That one just feels right, though I think his best move is to forget the NFL - ain't gonna happen son - and head straight  to Canada and the CFL.
  • Evidently administrators at Oregon are not concerned about a Connecticut judge ruling that cheerleading is not a sport. Make sure you check out ATQ's official stance on the matter, where one idiot has suggested that if scholies get pulled, UO fans might well fund the tradition of hot chicks in tight clothing with private donations.
  • A couple Oregon Track & Field recruits have put up nice performances at the IAFF World Junior Championships. Distance runner Parker Stinson ran the fastest 10,000 meters ever by an American at juniors, setting a new PR by more than a minute. Future teammate Laura Roesler ran a season-best 2:04:34 in the 800, but was unable to advance to the finals in her event.
There you have it. If you find more to quack about, you know the drill. Go Ducks.