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Quack Fix: Armstead Out, Program Defining Games, Jack Dukeminier and Justin Wilcox

Family issues have gotten in the way of the last few weekend quack fixes but we end that streak today. Things have improved enough that I can actually spend less time at the hospital and more time in front of a computer. Of course, I also fell down the stairs today, screwing up my foot and knee in the process. On the upside, I don't have to pull shifts at the hospital. The downside? I can barely move. Good times. There's only one answer to everything going on for me right now and that's some good old fashion Medical Quack.

  • It was already mentioned yesterday that point guard Malcolm Armstead asked for, and was granted, his release to transfer to another school. Although this transfer is an immediate blow, I think we're in the same position we were before the transfer. Next year was going to be a rebuilding year anyway and this gives opportunities to guys to learn Altman's system right off the bat in a trial by fire sort of way. I liked Armstead a lot but I think his departure moves us further away from the Ernie Kent style of basketball and closer to Altman's new brand.
  • Bleacher Report looks at the Top 15 Program-Defining games of 2010 and USC vs. Oregon is mentioned. I have to disagree in parts. I think the USC game last year was way more important than this year's game from a program standpoint. As much as Tennessee is down this year, I think the Volunteers represent something much bigger for the program... a big time stage in SEC country. If we want to continue to be a national brand, these are the games we need to win.
  • the R-G has a feature on Duck golfer Jack Dukeminier who is playing in the Pacific Coast Amateur Championships next week.
  • Remember that Justin Wilcox guy? He's the new defensive coordinator at Tennessee and he's getting his troops ready to go. Let's hope he doesn't have the same luck against us as he did last year with Boise St.

We'll leave it at that. Medical quack needs to be given in small doses and only with the advice and care of your doctor. Rest well, drink lots of water and stay off your feet. Most importantly, Go Ducks!