Yes, Nate is a nice guy, but PLEASE DON'T START HIM.

Rob Mosley in Eugene, for the Register Guard’s Oregon Football Blog wrote a good piece on the QB situation going into fall camp. I’m sure someone will post it, or maybe tomorrow morning it will be included in the ‘daily quack.’ I just have to get this out of my system, because I’m getting really tired of hearing how everything will be just fine at the QB spot for Oregon, just plug them in and let them manage the game.

Am I the only one who watched last year’s UCLA game? The game Masoli had a bum knee, and the Ducks scrambled in the preparation week to get Costa ready and he absolutely sputtered in Pasadena. The offense eerily reminiscent of Brady Leaf running around, looking about as fast as a tree stump in the backfield. I know I know, he’s had numerous reconstructive knee surgeries. “Nate’s a good guy”, “Nate has overcome a whole heck of a lot and it’s made him a seasoned leader.” Ok, I’m not trying to disprove any of that. From interviews, he seems like a all around good guy and kudos to him for what he’s had to deal with.

Chew on this, at UCLA (a team that barely had enough in the gas tank to beat Temple in the Eagle Bank Bowl in D.C. in December), Nate Costa was 9/17 for 82 yds at a 4.8 avg with one TD and one INT. He rushed 6 times for -18 yds, a 7 yard run was his longest. (L James was the only spark on offense, 20 car 152yds for a 7.6 avg) As a whole, the Ducks nearly broke offensive historic records by netting 303 total yards, with 4-14 on 3rd downs and were 6 minutes behind in time of possession to UCLA… yes, the same Bruins whose offense more closely resembled your child’s pee-wee team that plays at Sheldon’s High School fields on Sunday mornings. I’m surprised the 77,000+ in attendance didn’t all wait in line and get their money back. I remember being so frustrated watching that game because it was the same thing all afternoon long, as the Ducks just could not get anything going offensively.

Alright, this was the same UCLA team that put Brian Prince (DT 2nd round, 3rd pick in the round), Alterraun Verner (DB, 4th round) and two other guys as undrafted rookies into the NFL. They had a good defense, but this wasn’t the Steel Curtain. New Mexico has a nice defensive line with maybe the best linebacker you’ve never heard of west of the Mississippi (don’t laugh), the Lobos front seven is not going to lay down- the Autzen atmosphere will elevate their game. And forget about Tennessee, those guys may have had some times the past few years but this is still SEC talent in their house, with 100,000+ screaming UT fans. The overall defensive speed of their entire unit will be faster, by a few notches I’d guess, than UCLA’s last year.


Darron Thomas brings the size, the strength, and 2 years in the program, to lead this the team. He doesn’t need to be the Joey Harrington of the program (not this year just yet) where the guys really lean on him to make plays and rally everyone, rather, Darron needs to distribute the ball like Kenya Wilkins in a point guard role and let his playmakers do their thing, and occasionally make a few nice runs off the read option to keep defenses honest. Dennis Dixon was so good because he could stretch the field with nice long balls, but also get the ball to Stewart and company, and every now and then do it himself (see 80yd run vs. Houston in Autzen- that was SPEED).

For the life of me, I can’t see how Chip Kelly and his staff start Costa in front of Darron. There is that factor that I’m an ignorant fan that doesn’t know what he’s talking about and they are the paid coaching staff who eat and breath this stuff. In Chip we trust, I get it.

Let’s just hope whoever takes center come 3:30est Saturday 9/4 it’s the best QB, that gives the Ducks the best shot to win every game.


I was never taking personal shots at anyone here on this site. There seems to be a close knit group on here that didn’t agree w/what I said. Cool, I’m fine with that. I watched the UCLA DVR over the weekend and didn’t like what I saw, had a few minutes free at work and put up some thoughts of reaction from that game and other spots I’ve seen Costa play. He’s a great kid, and I admire what he’s overcome. It’s my opinion that Thomas would be the best guy for the spot this year, right now. Obviously there will be disagreements, that’s what the posts are for, to stimulate some conversation. I’m a sarcastic guy and threw out some responses that seemed to not sit well with some. Now with the Cougar guy, yes, I did take a shot. All in fun, nobody here is going to blows. It’s another thing if some little Beaver or Trojan strolled in and mouthed off, but it’s a Cougar and I’ve got a good buddy who went to school there.

Again, they were sarcastic remarks, intended to poke fun.

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