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Quack Fix: Speedy Sumler Says He's A Duck; Scott Talks Pac-10 TV.

Yesterday Paul said he wasn't going to mention Jeremy Mustacholi, but then he posted this. Unlike some, I'm okay with Paul's editorial comment, "Good riddance". I do hope JM will get his life back on track. It's not unreasonable for some to feel bitter when you contemplate the kind of season Oregon was poised have for before JM's legal issues and subsequent dismissal. But dammit, I'M NOT GONNA CRY. And here's why:

  • We scored another sweet verbal out of Florida! The Ducks got a verbal yesterday from possibly the fastest guy in the 2011 class. WR Tacoi Sumler hails from Miami and has been electronically clocked for a 4.29 40-yard. Read more here. Check out Sumler's bio, and some video highlights.
  • Aaron Fentress at The Oregonian continues his all-decade theme, today looking at Oregon's offensive line. It's easy to put Max Unger at the top of the heap, but my favorite from Fentress' list was Enoka Lucas.
  • Stephen Alexander of the Portland Tribune caught up with the current Ducks and found the team striking a balance between hard work and summer fun.
  • Chip Kelly is going to pick one QB...I think we're all clear on that. Rob Moseley follows up with some insights following Chip's radio interview with ESPN.
  • Pac-10 Commissional Larry Scott continues to deliver. Finally, some much-anticipated details about his plan to launch of a Pac-10 television channel. Nice little dig at the Big 10 network, though he probably didn't intend it that way.
  • Want to check out a Ducks practice this fall? I recommend it if you get the chance, even more so if you've got some young Duck fans. Here's the fall practice schedule.
Got some premium quack? Please share with the group. Go Ducks!