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Quack Fix: Ohio State - Oregon Round 2, Utah and Recruiting, Rich Brooks, Russians Winning the World Cup

It's clearly a budget. It's got a lot of numbers in it.

  • We have the Ohio State perspective on what Oregon could do in the 2010 football season. Overall, a pretty good take until the end where the author claims that Oregon either overachieves to play the Buckeyes in Glendale or Ohio State underachieves and has to play Oregon as a consolation prize. Most Oregon fans I know look at the Rose Bowl as the one that got away. It's easy to look at the teams and say "the same thing would happen again" but that game was all about opportunities lost and with another year under the belt of a young team, the outcome would be very much in doubt.
  • How will the move to the Pac-10 help Utah in recruiting? I think playing alongside the Pac-10 elite every year certainly won't hurt. I am a little concerned about them moving more into Texas for their recruits. I know Texas is a big state but there are only so many recruits to go around.
  • Dakotah Keys, an incoming freshman for the Track and Field team, has a torn ligament in his elbow and is waiting to hear recommendations on what to do about next year.
  • Another sitdown with former Oregon football coach Rich Brooks.
  • Here's a feature on Sam Crouser, the Gatorade National Prep Track Athlete of the Year. He'll be at Oregon in the fall. He's headed to the ESPY's on July 14th where he's in the running to be named the nation's best prep athlete. 
  • Ed Dickson has signed a three-year contract with the Baltimore Ravens. Congratulations to Ed!
  • The University of Oregon finished 14th amongst all Division I schools in the Learfield Cup standings which takes into account overall success of a school's athletic programs during a school year. Even though Oregon finished 14th overall, they were 5th in the Pac-10 which tells you something about this conference. Here are the complete standings.
  • And finally, about 8 percent of Russians believe that their team will win the World Cup. The survey was taken between June 18th - 22nd. Unfortunately they never qualified for the tournament.

That's it for the quack today. A lot of the festivities are getting kicked off today. Have a safe weekend.