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Quack Fix: New Ducks. Old Ducks. Fallen Ducks. And Ducks In The Making.

Our little Pacific NW heat wave must have burned up all the quack. Someone call the cooks...we need a fresh batch. (knocks on wood - please don't make us reset the incident meter...)

  • Okay, I admit not everyone enjoyed the Bleacher Report articles we linked to recently. And I was ready to write them off as a source. This slideshow from Philip Dodson ain't bad though - he highlights 10 Ducks who are primed to step into the spotlight this coming football season.
  • Two more Ducks have landed in Ted Miller's never-ending list of who might make an impact in the Pac-10 this season.
  • Do we even want to hear more about Jeremiah MasoliHe is not entering the NFL supplemental draft. Moving on...
  • Jonathan Stewart is giving back to his community in Lacey, WA. His first ever football camp included current NFLers Dennis Dixon, Jairus Byrd and Dante Rosario, along with DeAngelo Williams and former WSU receiver Brandon Gibson.
  • Need a refresher on the new faces we'll see in Duck uniforms this summer? Blow off some work and check out the newest ducklings over at Includes highlight videos in some cases. BTW - and this is totally not gay - anyone else find Lache Seastrunk's huge smile a bit infectious? Like he knows something great is about to happen?

Did I miss anything? If I did, please share in the comments area.