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Quack Fix: Lokombo, Osborne and Paulson. Oh my!

Sorry for the late start. I swear we're not trying to set a trend. Here's your quack:

  • Bo Lokombo's name just keeps popping up everywhere - including Nate Costa's nightmares. Adam Jude of the R-G writes up the competition for one outside linebacker position made vacant when Eddie Pleasant moved to rover. Lokombo's certainly making his bid, but he'll have to beat out Josh Kaddu if he wants to start.
  • Jude's Wednesday practice notes.
  • Gary Horowitz of the Statesman Journal digs into the details of Eddie Pleasant's move to rover. Pleasant seems to have a great attitude about giving up his starting linebacker spot. We're all excited to see him get a 10-yard run at some ball carriers, but he'll need to play with discipline too. Pleasant seems to get that, unlike some other physical safeties...cough, cough...Taylor Mays!...cough.
  • The Oregonian's Ken Goe has a great feature on Oregon assistant Tom Osborne, who has schooled up some seriously good tight ends. Oh, and any of you who want to claim Goe isn't a good writer/reporter...I've been reading his stuff for decades now and, well, you're wrong.
  • Hopefully this isn't a re-post from yesterday...Goe had a chance to chat up one of Oregon's most pivotal players on offense, tight end David Paulson.
  • I think we all caught Chip Kelly's egg comment yesterday regarding the QB battle between Costa and Darron Thomas. Here's Goe's take on Chip's most recent evaluation.
  • Jason Vondersmith gathers player reflections on off-the-field problems, the Rose Bowl, Standford's game plan and more.
Again, sorry being tardy. Some might say I was born that way. I'm sure there will be plenty more quack throughout the day. Be a pal and drop the links, pics, videos or photoshop scribbles in the comments for all to enjoy. Go Ducks! Quinn...I'll look for you this afternoon.