Practice recap day four

Welcome to your second edition of "Look what Axemen saw." Today, I heeded your advice/insults and brought a digital camera to practice. Today's crew included Qrsouther, Jconant, Runfast and Famous Duck (although none of us actually talked to him). Onto the observations, and remember, all pictures at the bottom are originals.

  • Bryan Bennett continues to throw the most consistent ball of any QB. Blah blah blah he's outstanding and makes me swoon when he walks by blah blah blah. Moving on.
  • On a serious note, Bennett did appear to get a bit flustered in the 2v3 drills (2 wideouts vs. 3 defenders) and had some issues throwing the deep ball for the duration of the afternoon. Costa--the victim of a tipped-interception yet again today--was clearly better than Thomas in drills most of the day. Hawkins split snaps with Bennett today with the 3rd string, and seemed to have his best day so far this season.
  • There is cause for concern with Lache Seastrunk and his knowledge of the playbook. For the second straight day, he was shuffled around by the coaches pre-snap, and seemed to miss a couple routes entirely.
  • Josh Huff and Nate Costa appear to have a good rapport going and connected on a couple nice balls down the middle. Huff and Brandon Williams continue to catch my eye as the newcomers most likely to have an immediate impact. Nick Cole also stood out today with 3 big receptions downfield, flat out beating the coverage.
  • We had our first mini-altercation of camp between Eddie Pleasant and Carson York. Thankfully, Talmadge Jackson and Chip Kelly stepped in to break them apart before anything got too far beyond some jawing. I don't think the grounds crew wanted to be scraping York off the field tonight.
  • The defense was very impressive today, completely shutting down the offense for a 10 minute period of 11v11 with the offense starting from inside the 10. My only concern is that the DBs, especially the under-classmen, had a lot of trouble with wheel routes and double moves. Cliff Harris and Dior Mathis were completely burned on wheel routes and the tight ends appeared to have their way with little stick-n-go's over the middle for about 10-12 yards.
  • Jackson Rice continues to be outstanding with his punts. Very rarely was one not at least 40 yards long, and a good number of them had to be close to 50 yards deep. Cliff Harris stood out as a punt returner today, with Seastrunk again being the negative. He can't seem to consistently get himself in a position to cleanly field it, and while I'm sure the coaches would love to have him back there, he isn't making it easy for them.
  • New-ish injuries today appeared to include: Malachi Lewis (lower leg), Lavasier Tuinei (cramping), Curtis White (red jersey all day).
  • Finally, there was a ballsy kid out there who wore FBSU clothes head-to-toe. Props to him, although I wish I could have falcon-punched his ass or something, but I don't like the idea of jail.

Enjoy the pictures, and GO DUCKS!

The general surveys his troops

Bryan Bennett deftly fields a bad snap

The playcards are back! The playcards are back!

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