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Quack Fix: LMJ back at full speed; Big boys are getting nasty.

We're closing in on just two weeks until kickoff. Here's today's quack:

  • Rob Moseley was back on double duty yesterday. Check out the morning report and Rob's afternoon report. Good to hear LaMichael James was back at it full speed. Sounds like some guys on defense are eager to lay some wood...easy boys, they're on your side.
  • John Hunt of the Oregonian writes that O-line coach Steve Greatwood has his veteran unit getting their nasty on this season. Guard Mark Asper says that's not always easy in practice when you're lined up against teammates and friends.
  • Stephen Alexander at the Portland Trib got in a Q&A with head coach Chip Kelly. Not a lot of surprises...Kelly seems please with the progress of fall camp so far.
  • Replacing Ed Dickson at tight end isn't an enviable task for coach Tom Osborn, but he's got plenty of talent and depth to play with.
  • Oregon running backs coach Gary Campbell weighed in on LaGarrette Blount's much publicized practice altercation at Tennessee Titans fall camp. Haters are having a field day, but this was just the heat of fall camp, little more. Did anyone really not see this coming given Blount's past? LGB is an obvious target for antagonistic behavior, especially during his rookie season.
  • George Schroeder headed down south to check in on former Duck Jeremiah Masoli. It was a brief interview, but Schroeder got a good flavor of how Masoli is being embraced at Ole Miss. So far it's all good impressions...a familiar story to Oregon fans.

There should be plenty more quack throughout the day. Be a pal and share in the comments. Maybe JShufelt will entertain us with a funny picture or two...but he's no monkey, damnit. My WRs/TEs preview will post in a couple hours. I hope you find it informative. Go Ducks!