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ATQ's Preseason Blogpoll

You know that college football season is right around the corner when its Blogpoll time. 

For those of you that haven't been around over the past year or so, the BlogPoll is a poll put together and voted on by college bloggers. All polls are to be posted a few days before the official poll is released so that the poll can receive a bit of oversight from the college football community. This accountability, as well as a philosophy of voting based on resumes, not perceived strength, gives the BlogPoll a strong edge over the other polls out there. 

For the preseason poll, we don't yet have any resumes to go on, so I'm just gonna fire blindly on how strong I think each team will be. This will no doubt be change wildly after the first week of games and we start from scratch again.

Below is the first ballot of the year. Tell me in the comments how wrong I am.