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12-Pac Review: Predicting the Season

This season I plan on doing a post every Sunday reviewing the games from the Pac 12 (including Utah and Colorado). This will give us an opportunity to discuss the games that happened that week and how they effect the standings in the Pac 10 as well as take a look at how our future brothers, Utah and CU, are doing.

First, I need help coming up with a title. As you can see I’ve suggested "12-Pac Review," but some others I thought about are listed in the poll. Vote on the one you like the best, and I’ll use that as my title going forward.

Second, I had the mods send me their predictions for the Pac 10 this year on what they think the final standings will be as well as one "surprise" prediction for something that goes on in the Pac 10 this year.

After the jump you’ll find a spreadsheet matrix of each prediction and explanations below:

Jeremy Paul Takimoto Dave Nick Dominic Jared Matt
1 Oregon OSU Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon
2 Stanford Oregon OSU OSU USC OSU OSU USC
3 OSU Stanford Arizona Stanford Stanford Stanford USC OSU
4 USC USC Cal UW OSU UW Arizona Cal
5 Cal Cal Stanford USC Cal Arizona Stanford Stanford
6 UW Arizona UW Arizona UW USC UW Arizona
7 UCLA UW USC Cal Arizona Cal Cal UW


Oregon 8-1 (Rose vs. Iowa)
Stanford 8-1 (Fiesta vs. TCU)
Oregon State 7-2 (Alamo vs. Oklahoma)
USC 7-2
California 4-5 (Holiday vs. Texas Tech)
Washington 4-5 (Sun vs. Georgia Tech)
UCLA 3-6
Arizona 3-6
Arizona State 1-8
Washington State 0-9

I'm gonna do two surprise picks, 'cause I'm greedy like that.

Arizona will be the biggest disappointment in the Pac-10. I like QB Nick Foles and the O-line. WRs are good, but losing Delashaun Dean to an arrest-related suspension hurts plenty. The running backs shouldn't scare anyone, and the defense returns only four starters. I believe the 33-0 Holiday Bowl blowout was a mind-fuck for this program. A real confidence killer. Blowout wins over Toledo and The Citadel will create a false sense of security before the 'Cats get beat badly by Iowa in the desert. If I'm right, Mike Stoops is looking for a job after UA fails to make a bowl game. Which leads to my second surprise...FOUR Pac-10 teams will begin 2011 with new head coaches, and Oregon could be one of them. UA, ASU, WSU and Cal are my other candidates.

That should make some folks squirm

Rk, Team, Record, Losses
1. Oregon St, 8 - 1, Stanford
2. Oregon, 7 - 2 OSU/USC
3. Stanford, 7 - 2, Oregon/USC
4. USC, 6-3, Cal/OSU/UW
5. Cal, 5-4, Oregon/OSU/Stanford/UW
6. Arizona, 4-5, Cal/Oregon/OSU/Stanford/USC
7. Washington, 4-5, Arizona/Oregon/OSU/Stanford/UCLA
8. ASU, 2-7, Everyone but UCLA & WSU
9. UCLA, 2-7, Everyone UW & WSU
10. WSU, 0-9, Everyone

Yeah, maybe favoring our bitter rival will piss people off, but it's how I prepare my emotions for disappointment. ;-)

I'm going week by week:
9/11 - Stanford over UCLA
9/25 - Oregon over ASU, USC over WSU
10/2 - Arizona over Cal, OSU over ASU, Oregon over Stanford, UCLA over WSU, USC over UW
10/9 - Arizona over OSU, UW over ASU, Cal over UCLA, Oregon over WSU, Stanford over USC
10/16 - Arizona over WSU, USC over Cal, UW over OSU
10/21-10/23 - Oregon over UCLA, UW over Arizona, Cal over ASU, Stanford over WSU
10/30 - UCLA over Arizona, WSU over ASU, OSU over Cal, Oregon over USC, UW over Stanford
11/6 - Stanford over Arizona, USC over ASU, Oregon over UW, UCLA over OSU
11/13 - Arizona over USC, Stanford over ASU, Cal over Oregon, OSU over WSU, UW over UCLA
11/20 - Cal over WSU, OSU over USC
11/26-11/27 - Oregon over Arizona, UCLA over ASU, Cal over UW, OSU over Stanford
12/2-12/4 - Arizona over ASU, Cal over Stanford, OSU over Oregon, USC over UCLA, WSU over UW

Final Standings
Oregon 10-2 (7-2) -Rose
OSU 8-4 (6-3) - Holiday
Arizona 9-3 (6-3) - Alamo
Cal 9-3 (6-3) - Sun
Stanford 8-4 (5-4) - Vegas
UW 7-5 (5-4) - Kraft Fight Hunger
USC 7-5 (5-4)
UCLA 6-7 (4-5)
WSU 3-8 (2-7)
ASU 2-10 (0-9)

Surprise prediction: ASU loses Vontaze Burfict to a steroid-induced assault charge and goes 0 for the season, and Wazzu beats the Huskies in the Apple Cup.

Addicted to Quack:
Oregon 8-1
Oregon St. 6-3
Stanford 6-3
Washington 6-3
USC 5-4
Arizona 4-5
Cal 4-5
UCLA 3-6
Arizona State 1-9
Washington State 1-9

Surprises: Washington finishes in a tie for second, Oregon again wins the conference by two games.

Oregon 7-2
USC 7-2
Stanford 6-3
Oregon State 6-3
California 5-4
Washington 5-4
Arizona 4-5
UCLA 3-6
Washington State 1-8
Arizona State 1-8

Oregon's two losses come on the road to USC and Cal. When I distributed wins and losses, I had to agree with Jeremy that Arizona will be the most disappointing team this season.

Oregon 7-2
Oregon State 7-2
Stanford 6-3
Washington 6-3
Arizona 6-3
USC 4-5
California 4-5
UCLA 2-7
Washington State 2-7
Arizona State 1-8

I think there will be a logjam at the top as teams replace key figures. A lot of people tend to pencil in USC in higher rankings because they seem to reload each year. I'm not sold on Kiffin as a coach and the Trojans are only returning 13 starters from last year, second to last in experience in the Pac-10. With no post season to look forward to, I think they lose early and give up on the season. For my surprise pick, I'm going Washington over Oregon at Autzen for a couple of reasons. I think Locker breaks out this year and puts his doubters to bed with a signature performance in a big game. Oregon will be coming off a matchup with USC and have a let down game. Washington is returning 19 players, most in the Pac-10. With another year under Sark, a lot of the issues they had last year (both on the field and in coaching) should be much improved.

Hey, I'm not gonna chart every game, but here's my poll

Arizona State

Prediction? Kevin Riley will suck?

Matt Daddy:
Oregon 9-0
USC 7-2
OSU 6-3
Cal 6-3
Stanford 6-3
Arizona 4-5
Washington 3-6
UCLA 2-7
ASU 1-8
WSU 1-8

Oregon will go the season with very few injuries. Oregon will end the season with the least number of injuries of any team in the Pac 10.