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ATQ Podcast: Preseason Edition

As if reading what we write wasn't enough, we're now going to give you the opportunity to listen to us, too!

Something new that we'll be doing this year is a weekly podcast. The goal is that we'll get three of the site authors together every Sunday night, recap the game from the day before, and preview what's coming up next week. This is a chance for us to touch on things that we may not get to on the blog, or just provide a little different medium. Plus, you need something to listen to while you work out, right?

For the first edition of the ATQ podcast, Matt Daddy, Takimoto, and myself preview the upcoming season, talking in detail about Darron Thomas, the running and passing game, the tranistion of Eddie Pleasant to safety, and much more.

This is our first attempt, and we know that there is improvement to be made, so constructive feedback is appreciated. Our goal is to make this better every week.

Without further ado, enjoy the ATQ podcast!