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Prehm: Dunigan May Leave Oregon Basketball Program


Prehmmr Another source has now told me Dunigan hasn't made a choice. Safe to say he's on the fence. Sorry for the earlier report.

Maybe he'll come to his senses after all.

Just saw this via Twitter:

Prehmmr I have finally confirmed Junior center Michael Dunigan has decided to leave the Oregon basketball program.

Which comes on the heels of this tweet earlier:

DraftExpress An Israeli newspaper reports that Oregon junior Michael Dunigan is close to signing a 3-year contract with Hapoel Jerusalem

Obviously, this is disappointing, and is further evidence that this year will be about player development and implementation of a new system moreso than about competing for any kind of postseason.  We lose a very talented, if ultimately inconsistent player.  And as for depth......well, we didn't have any depth anyway.

On the bright side, this takes us down to seven juniors on the roster, so that class is slowly breaking up.  Thanks for the roster management, Ernie.