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Quack Fix: Talking With Vol Fans; LaMichael James Is Ready To Roll.

I'm going to make you one promise today - no links to any articles that encourage you to listen 18 different versions of Rocky Top. Enough already! Let's kick the ball off, beat the stuffing out of their QB, run a play about every 10 seconds to get their defense gassed, turn 1A and 1B loose, win by 30, kick their dog on the way out and prepare ourselves for a huge dose of SEC fans telling us it didn't count 'cause Tennessee isn't very good (God, please let them talk up Auburn, which looked nothing like a top-20 team on TV last night).

ATQ's Matt Daddy got on the horn with the fellers from Rocky Top Talk for a podcast:


You might also want to review jtlight's preview of the Tennessee match-up

  • Rob Moseley's report from Thursday's practice notes that C.E. Kaiser looks to be a full go for Saturday's game. Interesting that Chip Kelly has a different outlook from some coaches about who plays on Saturday relative to practice time during the week prior.
  • Evidently the line on the UT game has moved from Ducks (-13.5) to Ducks (-11.5). Ken Goe suggest that means a lot of people are not willing to bet that Oregon won't blow Tennessee out. Lots of other links included.
  • Oregon faces a lot of unanswered questions about Tennessee's defense.
  • LaMichael James is ready to make his 2010 debut.
  • Chip Kelly went on The Bald-Faced Truth with John Canzano yesterday. This short story includes a link to the audio. Canzano also spoke with former Oregon player and now UT defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox. I think way too much is being made of Wilcox being Oregon's nemesis..."he stopped Oregon twice!!!" Really? Didn't Oregon score 32 points the first game against BSU, thanks mostly to the efforts of the 4th and 5th string QBs?
  • Oregon AD Rob Mullens sat down for a Q&A with some Register Guard reporters. Mullens clearly has his hands full, and its refreshing to see a guy willing to take some tough topics head on.
No question there's going to be a lot more quack out there today. So hook a brother up - or a Daisy - and add the good stuff in the comments. Hopefully we'll hear from some of the ATQers who are headed to Knoxville today. Go Ducks!