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College Football Open Thread Saturday

Big games going on today, use this spot for all your college football musings.

9:00am PST - Georgia at South Carolina

12:30pm PST - Miami (FL) at Ohio State

12:30pm PST - Florida State at Coklahoma

12:30pm PST - Michigan at Notre Dame

4:00pm PST - Penn State at Alabama

7:30pm PST - Stanford at UCLA

Also, on this day 9 years ago 19 cowards boarded planes and executed thousands of Americans to try and bring out all of our fears.  Instead what they got was a demonstration of our resolve and strength as fire fighters and police rushed into the burning towers to try and save lives.  

Take a moment today to think about and thank those that gave their lives selflessly as well as those men and women that stand on the front lines to protect us and our freedoms whether they are in the military, the coast guard, emergency medical services, police and fire fighters.

From all of us at ATQ to all of you, thank you for your service.

Go Ducks.