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12 Pac Review: Good showing by the Pac nationally. Stanford starts conference play, UCLA decides to wait a couple of weeks

California 52 vs Colorado 7 - The more I watch Cal, the more I think they're going to be an upper eschelon Pac 10 team.  The Bears were less then hospitable to our future Pac 12 brothern, Colorado, by jumping on them early with a 31-0 half time lead.  Kevin Riley is looking like a Senior QB that is ready to lead the Bears into a deep Pac 10 season run.  As for Colorado, I'm pretty sure Hawkins is not going to ever see his first Pac 12 game.  Dead MAAAAAN walking!

Washington 41 vs Syracuse 20 - Syracuse jumped out to an early lead on the huskies and finished the first quarter leading 10-3.  Unfortunately, Locker and Jermain Kearse started rolling and 9 catches and 179 yards later the game was over and the Orange were handed their first loss of the season.  The huskies have yet to show anything that makes me think they are going to be competitive in Pac 10 play.  Husky fans may want to stock up on Charmin, Vaseline and Ice Packs as Nebraska's coming to town next week and it looks like this one might be painful.

Washington St 23 - Montana St 22 - The only positive coming out of this game is that the huskies will continue to have the only 0-12 season in recent memory.  WSU needed late game heroics by scoring 16 in the 4th to put away a not very good FCS school.  Let's be honest, in college football, winning comes down to execution.  When an FCS James Madison can beat VT (HAHAHA, sucks to still be you Boise State) there's reason to believe that Montana St could have just out executed WSU.  But at this point you have to wonder about the psyche of the players in Pullman after a blow out loss to Ok St and now barely beating Montana St.

Oregon 48 at Tennessee 13 - A win on the road at an SEC school is never something to take for granted.  Oregon looked like a top 5 team for about 2 ½ quarters.  Darron Tomas was poised, confident and made the right reads, to help the offense get rolling and post a big win.  He definitely looks ready for Pac 10 play.  Carson York, look man, we all have bad days, a holding penalty and 2 false starts, it just wasn't your day.  Shake it off, get your head right and get in there against Portland State and get 10 pancake blocks, KJB needs to expand his lead on the FBS.  Cliff Harris, I love you man, but hand the ball to the ref.  I cannot tolerate anymore of Gildon's 10 yard cushions on short out routes.

Arizona St 41 vs N. Arizona 20 - You ready to play a real team ASU?  I think Erickson coached these games from a barcalounger with a Mai Tai in his hand.  Hey bartender, Grandpa Dennis needs another drink.

Arizona 52 vs Citadel 6 - You want to see a Heisman QB line that no one is talking about? 

Nick Foles 49 59 574 83.1 9.73 3 2 174.8


Nick Foles is quietly becoming one of the best QB's in the Pac 10 and Arizona is looking really good already.  If I'm ranking the Pac 10 right now it goes 1. Oregon  2. Arizona  3. Stanford  4. Cal  5. OSU  6. USC  7. UW  8. ASU  9. WSU  10. UCLA.

Stanford 35 at UCLA 0 - You're probably wondering why I put UCLA last in my power poll.  You want to know how bad UCLA's offense is?  Sacremento St scored 17 at Stanford, while UCLA scored 0 in conference play and at home.  I don't care if you go to a Shotgun, a Pistol, or a Howitzer, when your 2 QBs are ranked 11 and 12 in Pac 10, you don't have much offense.  For Stanford, Luck still looks dominate, but that rushing game looks nothing like it did last year.  No matter, good win for Stanford on the road to start out Pac 10 play.

USC 17 vs Virginia 14 - Virginia gave up a TD with :01 left on the clock right before half that ended up being the difference in the game.  I have a lot of questions about how this USC team will handle adversity when after struggling against Hawaii in their opener, they looked disinterested in Kiffin's home debut.  I think USC is one bad loss away from mailing in the rest of the season.

Utah 38 vs UNLV 10 - Utah rolled UNLV easily as Terrance Cain returned to his starting job to go  13/20 for 207 yards.   It wasn't always pretty, but once Utah got going UNLV just didn't have the horses to slow them down.  Utah gets to take on Oregon's whipping boy UNM next week, and like Oregon their hardest part of their schedule comes later in the year when they take on TCU, @ Notre Dame, and BYU.