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ATQ Blogpoll: Alabama retakes the top spot, Oklahoma surges

After a dominating performance (without their best offensive player), Alabama retakes the top spot in this weeks BlogPoll ballot. Ohio State also gets a strong bump in their win against Miami, who is looking like the best team in the ACC, not like that means a whole lot. TCU stays near the top with a convincing win, even if it was over lowly Tennessee Tech.

Boise State drops as their only win took a major shot over the weekend, as James Madison took down Virginia Tech at home. Based on the Duke Dogs performance, it'd almost be criminal to keep them out of the title game after the 5 point road victory.

My initial fears about Oklahoma seem to be unfounded, as they absolutely obliterated Florida State with the top performance of the week. But their early struggle against Utah State keeps them below Oregon and Boise State.

After that, well, it becomes a little more dicey. I'm still liking Arizona, but they'll face Iowa in a game that will tell a lot about both teams. There are some Pac-10 and Big 10 teams that could end up being pretty good, but there isn't a whole lot to distinguish a lot of these teams for now. This week should give us a better idea where Wisconsin, Stanford, and Cal stand.

As always, leave your comments on the poll. The ballot will go final tomorrow, and all input will be considered.