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Jersey Contest: Week 3 Blogger Picks

I dropped the ball this week and there will not be any write-ups for the Jersey Contest games.  However, our picks are in the table below.   First, a few notes. If you have not yet made your picks, you can do so via this form.  As usual, the deadline is 11:59:59 PM PT tonight.  If you think you may have submitted your picks already, you can check this spreadsheet (valid as of 8 AM PT this morning).  If you have submitted multiple entries, the one with the latest timestamp will be used.  There were a few users who submitted picks that are not members of the blog -- their entries were removed from this spreadsheet.  If this is you, please check your email for instructions on creating an SBNation ID and joining ATQ.  Once you have a valid account, I can re-add your picks to the spreadsheet.  Finally, I will try to get a spreadsheet of everyone's picks posted sometime tomorrow morning.

Now, on to the picks -- there's not a lot of diversity this week among the bloggers, save for the first game.


Dave Nick Jared Jeremy Paul Takimoto Matt Daddy
Arkansas at Georgia
Arkansas Georgia Arkansas Arkansas Georgia Georgia Georgia
Nebraska (-6.5) at Washington
Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Washington Washington Nebraska
Marshall at Bowling Green
Marshall Marshall Marshall Marshall Bowling Green
Marshall Bowling Green
Notre Dame at Michigan State
Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame Michigan State Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame
Iowa at Arizona
Arizona Arizona Arizona Iowa Arizona Iowa Arizona